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When you need your AC repaired, it can’t wait.

If your AC goes out, you’re in for a long, hot summer. Call Dailey & Sons Heating & Cooling, and we’ll help you diagnose the problem. Our industry-certified technicians will work with you to find an affordable solution and get your AC back up-and-running before you can say 1-2—well, you get the idea.

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Trouble With Your AC?


Whether your AC isn’t cooling like it used to, is costing you more every month, or is just not functioning at all, Dailey and Sons Heating and Cooling can help you identify

the issue and get your unit back to keeping your home cool, all summer long.

Give us a call 757-449-4598

Dailey & Son's Heating & Cooling best prices

We’ll get it fixed


Dailey and Sons Heating and Cooling technicians are industry-certified, and regularly trained every week in the latest AC repair techniques. In addition, our employees are thoroughly background-checked, and they service all makes and models. You can also count on Dailey and Sons Heating and Cooling to help you with the install of a new AC unit. Free estimates on new systems. Call  757-449-4598.

Dailey & Son's Heating & Cooling low prices

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Dailey and Sons Heating and Cooling offers Great service, and we back up our work with our personal guarantee. 


FREE In-Home Estimates on New Systems

Helping our customers get the perfect Air Conditioner.

Each home has different requirements for their air conditioning system. It’s important that an expert visits your home to discuss your new installation or replacement AC unit. With a Free In-Home Estimate, you will know exactly what kind of system you need and how much it will cost.

We Guarantee Our Work

Making sure the job is done right.

Our air conditioning technicians are experienced and certified professionals. They give our customer’s the very best service. To give our customers even more security we guarantee all of the work that we do. So if something goes wrong, we will take care of the problem!

Dailey & Son's Heating & Cooling great company
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AC Tune-up & Maintenance

  • We Tune Up All AC Makes & Models

  • Prevent Breakdowns

  • Avoid Costly Repairs

  • Maximum Performance From Your AC System

  • Save Money, Improve Energy Efficiency

It’s time for an AC tune-up

Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. Dailey and Sons Heating and Cooling is your source for a quality AC tune-up, provided by industry-certified technicians and backed by a company that has served the Tidewater area for more than 

15 years. Our air conditioning tune-ups are thorough and detailed, and can help your system not only use less energy, but live a longer life and break down less often.

We’re a customer-focused company that believes in providing you with the best possible service and honest information. 

We Tune-Up ALL Air Conditioning Makes & Models
Dailey & Son's Heating & Cooling 757-412-9900

Keep your system running longer

Your air conditioner is a complicated machine with delicate parts and components. When you forgo regular maintenance, you’re putting the system at an increased risk to not only break down, but to die prematurely. In contrast, an AC tune-up from Dailey & Sons Heating & Cooling can help your air conditioner live a far longer life. Our technicians will replace failing parts, tighten up systems, and prevent the strain that impacts most systems.

If you’re interested in having your air conditioner around for the long haul, give Dailey & Sons Heating & Cooling a call. Our AC tune-up will help give you increased peace of mind.

Help prevent the need for repairs

Did you know that a regular tune-up from an HVAC specialist can make it less likely for your system to experience problems down the road? That’s because thorough air conditioning maintenance catches issues before they become complete disasters. For example, a loose bolt can be tightened by one of our technicians. But, without that extra attention, that loose bolt eventually is rattled out of where it needs to be, and impacts the delicate components of the air conditioner.

Have Dailey & Sons Heating & Cooling certified technicians look over your AC system, and they’ll identify any potential problems and work to address them—and prevent them.


Most frequently asked questions


We recommend that you schedule your AC tune-up in the spring, before the hottest months of the year begin. That way, your air conditioner isn’t operating under strain, and the increased efficiency will save you money all season.



Yes. Our certified technicians work with all makes and models, and their combination of experience and equipment often means that they can get right to work.



Yes. We recommend you have us look at your furnace in the fall, before winter starts, so that we can make sure everything is looking great. We bring the same great work from our AC tune-up to work on your heating system.



Our tune-ups can help your system live longer. However, if your current system is between 15-20 years old and is struggling with efficiency, you may want to think about an upgrade.

New AC System

Is it time for a new air conditioning system? Dailey & Sons Heating & Cooling is your source for an upgrade. We provide free, in-home estimates on all new systems, and our skilled staff will help match your family and your home to the air conditioner that is the perfect fit. Our commitment to upfront pricing means that you’re never going to be tricked into paying more than your quote.

Get You Free Estimate Now:
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